Control, Control, Control. control driving

You need control, I need control, everyone needs control. This is a subject I can speak with personal experience. Even when you are working for someone else, you need to be in control of your own situation. Wether it’s small or large. You let other people make decisions, without your own personal input. Down the track you will regret it. In many cases that other person is not thinking about you. He or she is usually only interested in their own personnel situation.

Where ever you are in life, you need to be in control. When you loose control, you are like a boat with the sails down and the engine stoped. The boat either drifts out to sea and you are lost, or the boat ends up one the rocks.

This my own personal story. With another person we started a business of which the other person had the expertise. I invested the money, he ran the business. Simple and straight forward. This person was basic working class person. Enjoyed the basic enjoyments of life. Re a days work going to the pub and a few beers. He stated with pride, even if he made a million, he would not change, still go to the pub and enjoy a few beers.

My situation changed and I had to go overseas, for an extended period of time. So I left him totally in charge, which included the control of the money. He elevated his social image, he was drinking whisky and driving a Mercedes. With my money. Plus he lacked basic acumen.

Finally he paid me the money I had invested, so I came out on the right side. Probably you will say I was a bad judge or character. What I did learn was the fact.   Always have control. Even if things go wrong, you have only yourself to blame. It’s not a mistake you have learnt a very valuable lesson