Chemicals in cigarettes

Smokers, you probably already know the following facts and just ignore them, you may think they are never going to damage you.Poison in cigarettes

These are just a few or the chemicals in cigarettes, many of them are poisonous.  This is what you are constantly inflicting into your body. This is obviously creating stress and anxiety.  You may not show it outwardly, it’s still deep down in your subconscious mind.

TAR refers to particles in the smoke that are measured in   machine test methods.  These partials are made up of many constituents including some that public health authorities believe are the likely cause of smoking related diseases like lung cancer.

NICOTINE When tobacco is burned , nicotine transfers into the  smoke nicotine had been identifies as the addictive substance in tobacco smile.

CARBON MONOXIDE is a gas that is formed in tobacco smoke.  It has been identified  as a leading cause of cardiovascular disease (heat disease) in smokers.

AMBERGRIS is more commonly known as whale vomit. It is a waxy fatty substance that develops in the intestines of sperm whales.  It is believed that ambergris is vomited up by the whale in order to help  expel indigestible food from the whales stomach.  Lumps of ambergris are known to wash up on shorelines with indigestible parts of cuttlefish and squid deep inside

ARSENIC exposure affects the structure and function of the cardiovascular system. It may cause arrhythmia and chronic exposure could induce cardiovascular pathogenesis

BENZENE: The content of benzene in cigarettes accounts for half of the total exposure to this dangerous chemical that humans are to subject to during their lifetime.  It is generally believed that the Benzene ingested by smokers means they have and increased risk of developing leukaemia as compared to no smokers

BENZO[A]PYRENE  is a complex chemical that is released to the air when substances such as cigarettes are burnt.  It may cause cancer and genetic damage.

CADMIUM has no constrictive purpose in the human body.  It is extremely toxic even in low concentrations and cigarettes are a significant source of cadmium.smokers stressed

These facts are causing stress and anxiety regarding your long term health

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