How to put your future ahead of your past

How to put your future ahead of your past

We have our past present and our future.  The only one that we are in right now is the present. We can reflect on the past. Worry about it. Be concerned about it.  But there is no way we can change what is happened in our past.  The way we worry about our past and get...

Let focus and belief guide you

Let focus and belief guide you

The first thing I do with my clients is, fully explain hypnosis and what it really is.  A great number of people have a false belief of hypnosis, mainly because of hypnosis as an entertainment. It’s in the interests of the stage hypnosis to create a sense of mystery. ...

ABCs of life: Attitude, Balance and Control

ABCs of life: Attitude, Balance and Control

During our live meet many characters.  Some we admire some we don’t. I am probable considerably older than the majority of my followers of my weekly recording.   I have had the opportunity met many  people different ages and different walks of life.  I also know men...

Your past, present and future self

Your past, present and future self

Much of our time we spend thinking about the past.  What we have done what we would have liked to have done.  It’s in the past you can’t change it, nothing you can do about it.  The important point, you have learned very valuable lessons, they are there to help you in...

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What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a trance-like state during which an individual’s level of focus, concentration, and awareness heightens to a very different level from the usual. When a person is under hypnosis, their subconscious mind dominates their conscious mind,...

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This is something that you are hopefully not trapped into at the moment.  The facts I’m going to relate you are very relevant.   So you are aware of them and you are forewarned of the danger of gambling. My opinion gambling is probably the most vicious and dangerous...

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It may sound strange that I am writing about lotto in a negative way.  A lotto win can result in stress anxiety and may be trauma.  A very large percentage of people weekly buy a lotto ticket, may be several.  They are all potential millionaires, may be multi ...

Playing the hand you’ve been dealt: lessons from a cowboy doctor

As we go through life we come across incidents or quotes from other people and situations that stick in our minds.  You say to yourself that’s good, that makes sense, I will remember that, it may come in handy. Where it comes from Where I got this and from and who, I...