A few years ago, I put together a motivation presentation called the A,B,C

Attitude - man proud walking through door


It’s a basic fact we design our life with our attitude, we have the ability to change it. You may say it’s the environment. So change it. How you do it? It’s up to you. Changing it evolves you, adding balance and control. I will write about those two in my next two blogs.

Your attitude can be positive, negative or slopping around in the middle. What do you want? It’s up to you, only you can make that decision. Do you want your glass to be half full, or half empty? This depends on your attitude.

We step back and analyse our attitude, the answer is in our thoughts. All we are thoughts and beliefs. We are just a bundle of thought and beliefs and this is a major factor, determines what is going to happen in our future. We have positive thoughts and beliefs, positive things will happen. Negative thoughts and beliefs, negative things will happen. It’s not rocket science. The person slopping around in the middle, is like a boat with sales down the engine stoped and no rudder. That boat will drift out to sea, be washed up on the rocks, or just go nowhere. Some people want the answer given to them. What do they do? They pay a fortune teller or a clairvoyant, to tell them their future. What happens then? In many occasions it’s self fulfilling proficies. They belief it, they focus on it and in many occasion, by positive thoughts and beliefs, they make it happen.   Why spend your cash when you can do it yourself?

I had the good fortune to attend a series of workshop by Jack Mason in Indianapolis. He had the ability to take a client deeply into trance, to have surgery in hospital. I think he is the most accomplished therapist I have ever met.

His mantra was, total belief and total focus will take to where ever you want to go. So if you have the positive attitude with total belief and total focus you have the ability to design your own future.

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