Stress is a concern for the majority of people. How many times do you hear someone say, I’m stress out?  This is the world that we live in.  We live in a world of fast moving technology, not only is it moving fast its accelerating. In the past the majority of people plodded through life in a certain social class in the same job trade or profession.  That is where the majority stayed, the ability to move up in society or move to a better paid profession was limited.BUSINESS MAN BALANCING ON ROPE

Now with the internet one has access to all the information we want plus far more.  We are over informed.  When something happens in the world where ever it is.  We know all about it on the next news bulletin.  The Greek economy collapses the other side of the word, we not only hear it we see it.  Because of the global economy it will affect us.

Every time we see or listen to the news there is always at least two wars a house fire with deaths, plus one or two perhaps even more fatal road accidents.  We probably listen to it just before going to bed.  Daily costs are escalating, stock market crashing and property prices falling.

We are pushed to the limit physical financially and emotionally.

No wonder stress is a major problem

All these escalation situations, the majority of them we have no control over.  The concern is, the emotional effect that is having on us.

I believe that stress is the major problem with our present day society.  When a client come to see me to stop smoking or reduce their weight.  The major thing I ask.  What is going on in your life?  By helping them to balance their life and reduce their stress, it makes it easier to help them stop smoking or reduce their weight, or what ever other problems they have.

One of the major rules of the subconscious mind is.  What happens at the mental and emotional level, tends to manifest in the physical. E.g. you are far more prone to catch colds or flue if you are stressed. I help you take away the negative emotion of your past and the negativity of the present world and local environment, which the media is presenting.  Balance you present.  So you go into the future with believability and focus.

Positive beliefs and focus will take you to where ever you want to go.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Let me help you transform your life.

Use the number three Confidence in being yourself - girl doing the splits midair

Attitude  Balance and Control

Physically, Mentally,Emotionally

Family Work and Leasure

A stool with three legs is always balanced..