Probably a large proportion will say – No.


Although my personal experience of smoking is very limited. I have had over seventeen years as a practiced hypnotherapist.   The majority of my clients have been smokers – heavy smokers.  As in every profession, the more one practices the better one gets.  I consider my ability to help each client smoker quit the habit has improved over the years.  I keep learning and adding new innovations.  The majority of my learning has come from my clients – each and every one is different.

I can’t say all smokers are stressed. What I do know is the ones who come to me for help, are stressed.  They know cigarettes are not only bad for your life expectancy, they cost too much money, which in the majority of cases they can ill afford. My last client, only yesterday said each cigarette was costing over a dollar.  Another problem is that smoking is a seven day habit.  They don’t stop on Friday night and start again on Monday morning.  Most smoke even more over the weekend.  All these facts create stress.

The smokers who continue to smoke are stressed, they just won’t admit it.  Those who say they are in control and are not stressed are fooling themselves.  Even if they can afford it, they know they are ruining their health and in some cases, their life.  You can never put a price on your health and these days many surgeons will not proceed in operating until the patient quits smoking.   This in itself creates a big stress load and anxiety, can they quit or not.ID-10075526

When I help a client to quit, it’s like a weight being lifted from their shoulders. They are better off financially and more importantly their health improves.

I would like to send this message out to all smokers who are stressed and in fear of their health and happiness.  The number of cigarettes smoked per day does not matter, in fact, I find smokers who are heavy smokers, tend to quit more easily. For example I recently had an elderly lady who’d smoked for over 30 years forty cigarettes per day was able to quit smoking in just one session.  Just imagine the stress that was lifted from her shoulders.  She had a whole new lease of life.

My message to you is to stop stressing, just quit! I can help you do this with hypnosis – no drugs, no side effects.  All I am doing is changing the belief in the subconscious mind, you no longer need to smoke.  Stress and anxiety just evaporate in to thin air.  It’s not rocket science, it’s a deep mind therapy session, taking you into a calm relaxed state of mind experience.

Talk to me about your smoking habit, I’d be happy to help with a free phone consultation to get you on the road to good health.