Anxiety About the New Year Ahead

We are now a month into the New Year. All those New Year Resolutions, how are they going? Plenty happened in just a month, to knock you off track.  We recollect on what we intended to do.  Up comes the WHY. thinking and writing

This is a question that only you can answer, maybe you need to look at what has happened, look a little deeper into yourself.  The fact is,  2015 is in the past, 2016 is now in the present. What has happened in the past you can’t change it.  What it is doing, is creating anxiety about the future.  I like say to my clients, “Your have never made a mistake in your life” they usually look at me in disbelief and think what a stupid question. They then say, “of course I have”.  I reply you have had lessons and experiences. Thinking they have made mistakes and i
t’s all their fault.  Creates anxiety, that the same will happen in the future.

When you realise, what you considered as mistakes, are really valuable lessons.  You are more prepared for that roller coaster ride into the future.  The anxiety dissipates away, it’s replaced by positive thinking, you have learned very valuable lessons.  A popular quote “you learn something new every day”.  Another quote “mistakes are the stepping stones for your future.”  When you take these facts on board, the anxiety is replaced by positive thinking.

Negative thoughts about what has happened in the past, will set the path of what is going to happen in the future.   Creating anxiety.  Positive thoughts that that you have learnt from past experiences. Creates a positive path into the future.  The anxiety just dissipates away.

Another situation that creates anxiety is lack of information. You need to know what is going to happen.  Being kept in the dark, creates anxiety.  You need to be informed.  Knowledge creates power.  It does not mean you have to have power over other people.  You need the knowledge to have the power, so you are in control.  When you are in control anxiety dissipates away.

Recapping on one of my previous blogs, you need to have the A, B, C.

Attitude Balance and Control. When you have those three anxiety dissipates away.