I have helped many clients with stress, anxiety & depression caused from gambling addictions

It’s destructive in every aspect of their lives.  They go down the slippery slope, finally, destroying their lives.  It’s pathetic to see it happening.  They can lose the money they have got, the money they haven’t got, re borrowing.  Their house, their relationship and finally their health.  Stress, Anxiety and Depression and finally Trauma.

I have just helped a client and her big mistake was she initially won over $20,000. Her immediate thought, this is great, this is easy, far better than working.  Down the slippery slope, and finally it all disappeared, the problem she was addicted.  She had the false belief her luck would change and she would win it all back.  No such luck.  All her hard earned earning were lost, she still had the false belief, eventually it would come back plus more.  She lost confidence in herself and difficulty in maintaining a lasting relationship.Gambling

When you first start gambling you need to lose, so you are immediately confronted with the hard facts, that gambling is losing.

I have to admit that there are professional gamblers, they are few and far between. To them it’s a business they study it, are dedicated to it, they have a very firm discipline.  Plus a very acute mathematical brain.  They also have their loses.

I have always had very good success helping gamblers.  Now I have the Richard’s Process, it’s added another string to my bow.  Whatever happens in your life, it’s always related to the principle of, cause and effect.  The cause is not the problem it’s the negative effect creating the Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Trauma. Recently a lady came for help with her gambling addiction.   I said, I can help you stop gambling, what I want to do is go to the reason that started you on the slippery slope.  I not only want you to stop, I want to address the reason why you started in the first place.  So that you will have no desire to get on that slippery slope again.  I will not go into the details of her life.  Basically she had problems with her father, brother and her husband was a control freak.   She was a nobody, she didn’t want to live.  She was Stress, Depressed, Traumatised with continuous anxiety.   She wandered into the poker machine area of the pub and blew her hard earned money.

After the Richard’s Process, she returned to her real self with true belief in herself. With her life back in control and a firmer relationship with her husband.

My next blog I will tell of an interesting client, who I helped with his gambling.  It has a very interesting twist, which I’m sure you will find interesting.

Just remember the reality of gambling is losing, you deserve better than that. Call me, Roland James today for help with gambling.