In my two previous blogs, I have discussed gambling addiction and how it creates stress and anxiety and probably leads to trauma. The second blog was about helping a client with his gambling.

The twist was when I attempted to treat the person to quit smoking. link of addiction with stress and trauma

This patient had written the book with the blueprint to win at roulette. He was driving a taxi, and his factual statement was that greed finally takes over.

In the end, you finally lose. Life is a gamble; your career depends on the odds you take. For the majority of my life, I farmed in the UK. You planted a crop; you relied on the weather, the conditions at harvest time, and finally, the market for what price you would get.

The same with animals; their health, food availability, and the market are all gambles. Vegetables are even worse, especially when dealing with a perishable food product.

In my own experience, farming creates stress and anxiety. Agriculture in Australia is even worse. Floods, droughts, and potential returns depend on the weather, the market, and the political environment.

One of them is bound to get you sooner or later. The incidents of suicides in farming are alarming—extreme stress, anxiety, and finally, extreme trauma.

And it is not just in farming. If you are in sales and reliant on commission, the odds of stress and anxiety are much higher than if you had a stable government job with an income-linked pension.

Suppose you are unemployed, out of work, and living on social handouts. In that case, you still have stress and anxiety created by boredom, lack of money, and frustration, creating stress and pressure within the family. All of these factors are out of your control. The only thing in your control is how you manage what comes your way.

And, life is a gamble, no matter how you view it. The key is to be able to adjust and be flexible with change.

Finding Balance

My previous blogs have emphasized the importance of Attitude, Balance, and Control. Although attitude and control are essential, you will create stress and anxiety without balance.

I succeed in helping those with gambling addiction because I go into why they are gambling. I take away the stress and anxiety that has built up in their subconscious mind.

Not only do I help them with the addiction, but I also help them gain freedom – freedom from stress and anxiety and freedom from trauma. The ultimate prize is freedom.

If you are struggling with addiction or have a loved one who is battling addiction, I can help. I use hypnotherapy to get to the root of the problem and help people make the necessary changes in their lives.