Time to make a change to your life and take away the Stress & Anxiety

My pre Christmas blog. I pride myself that I talk to my clients in reality not morality.  I also say to my clients, you have never made a mistake.  They always look back in disbelief, as much as to say, what a stupid question!  I then say, you have had lessons and experiences. If you have done something and it has gone really ‘pearshaped’, you come out of it as a much wiser person.  Mistakes are the stepping stones to success.  Or should I reword it and say, experiences are the stepping stones to success.

My clients come to me for help when their life has gone out of balance and they are out of control, they have become addicted. That creates Stress and Anxiety in their lives.  If someone is addicted to smoking, drinking alcohol and gambling and they are not harming anyone, I personally can’t see a problem.  They have the right to do that.

This message I think is applicable, especially during the festive season. You are going to enjoy a few drinks, go to the races have a flutter, play the poker machines. It’s when it gets out of control and you become unbalanced, that you have a problem, then stress and anxiety is created.  Notice I left out the cigarettes, cigarettes are additive, you are either a smoker or a none smoker. I have witnessed on several occasions, a person has quit smoking, even after several years, they just have one cigarette, they are back in the trap.

Smoking, usually starts when other people, their peers their friends smoke. They try their first cigarette, they don’t want to be the odd one out, they want to be part of the crowd and fit in.quit smoking. Smoker breaking smoke in two

Gambling the same, you have a small flutter you win a few dollars you usually finally lose. You have had some fun, at that stage you can afford it.Gambling

Alcohol the same, you join in and in many instances you have been brought up in an alcoholic society. I know that fact personally, that was the society I experienced when I grew up.  Every one drank, if they didn’t drink there was something wrong.  If they didn’t drink and were vegetation they were off the planet.Binge Drinking

In those cases the therapy is basically straight forward. On many occasions there are other issues. This is where the Richards Process comes in.  I have the ability to go to the reason for their addiction and clear it.  Going to this level, I not only get them off the addiction, I help them to stay off.   This alleviates the stress, anxiety, which sometimes leads to Trauma.

I wish you all a Happy time during the festive season, enjoy yourself, may be a little in excess.   When it becomes a problem, unbalances your life and you lose control.

Hypnosis in many cases is the answer.  No drugs and no side effects.  It also gives you confidence and raises your self esteem.  The Anxiety and Stress dissipates away.

If you’re addicted to Gambling, Alcohol or Smoking call Roland James for a way to find freedom and remove the stress and anxiety from your life.