Weight Loss Can Be Easy With Hypnosis

Yes, I can help break the addictive eating cycle and help you create new habits. I have helped many people lose weight. And, yes, they had tried just about every diet they could lay their hands on – and filled the spare room or garage up with exercise machines! weight loss

What they couldn’t manage to do before lose weight and KEEP IT OFF became possible with hypnosis.

I won’t lie to you. Achieving this goal, like any other, is going to require your input. You will need to exercise and eat correctly.

Thing is, you will find that much easier to do with hypnosis. Why? Because I will work with your subconscious to dissolve the emotional patterns that contribute towards your condition and – once more, with your help – install new patterning that will help make it much simpler.

I offer two types of weight loss options. A simple one-hour session – ideal for those who only have a small amount of weight to lose. And Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. This consists of a number of sessions and two CDs, one of which is tailored specifically to you. Also known as Virtual Lap Band Hypnosis, this is ideal for those whose weight loss goals include 9 or more kilos.

Whichever of the two will work better for you, I’m sure you’ve read it before; obesity is one of the major health problems, worldwide. Don’t wait until you become a statistic. Do something about it now!

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