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“this does not change you as a person, just helps you to bring out the best in you, to believe in your capabilities, to believe in yourself”
– Claudia.

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How can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

If you are ready to take back control of your life and overcome trauma, addictions, phobias or even just want to start believing in yourself again, you have come to the right place.  I am a certified and accredited hypnotherapist based in Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast and I’m proud that I have already helped hundreds people overcome their problems over the years, and given them hope for the future. Now it’s your turn.

What you get when you come into a session with me is a unique recipe that allows me to not only relieve you of your challenges, but help you have power over them, and instil a strong sense of optimism, confidence, and hope for the future. I use a technique called ‘The Richards Process’ to take you back to the core reason behind your trauma, stress or anxiety – solve the core issue and you’ll soon be on the road to recovery. Hypnotherapy Gold Coast.

Hi, I’m Roland James – ‘Roly’ for short.

Roland James

I am a full time Professional Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist working out of my home in the beautiful and peaceful waterfront area of Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast, QLD.

Over the years I have done hypnotherapy I have received scores of letters from satisfied clients, all of them thanking me for the influence I had in overcoming their issues. A question I’m often asked is ‘to what to I attribute my success in hypnosis treatments?’

Now that’s a complex question. But I can narrow it down to a few things. I have had a lot of amazing experiences in my lifetime, and it’s this life experience that allows me to empathise and understand people on a much deeper level. Learn more about Roland.

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Whatever your reason for considering Hypnosis to quit smoking, it is important you want to do it for yourself, not for someone else.  Hypnosis can give you the power to change your behaviour and quit smoking. It can help you see your future without cigarettes.

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Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking

How much you drink may be an indicator you are struggling to cope with other things. Hypnotherapy enables you to regain control so you can enjoy drinking in modeation, or choose to give up drinking altogether,  Whaterver you choose, you have control.

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Compulsive gambling can very quickly ruin your life. But there is a way to stop. Hypnosis will help you understand what is causing you to want to gamble, and help you control your compulsive thoughts.


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Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety

We live in a stressful society, and things that stress us out are not going away.  Hypnosis ensures your mind and body is relaxed, You be able to manage your daily stresses to ensure you do not become unwell with stress related illness.


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Roland James is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and is on the National Hypnosis Register.

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What Else Can Hypnotherapy Treat?

Hypnosis can be used to treat a variety of issues, both long standing and more immediate challenges you may be facing. These include:

– Quitting smoking
– Stop binge drinking or gambling
– Manage stress, anxiety and depression
– Increase confidence and self esteem
– Overcome fears and phobias
– Sleep better and relax
– Business improvement seminars
– Pass your exams
– Improve your memory
– Stop grinding your teeth
– Even improving your golf swing!

**Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.

**”I felt my general confidence grow stronger, which gave me the opportunity to get my life together. I also found Roland’s relaxation and meditation techniques very helpful and, because they are so simple to perform, I have worked them into my daily routine.”


What does Hypnotherapy involve?

I only use my formal training as the starting point in my sessions. Using that as a platform, I combine hypnosis with a number of different alternative therapies.  These include The Richards Process, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming, Past Life Regression. My approach is that problems have a base in negative beliefs, and while the problems may vary, the foundations are the same. At the end of the day, you are put back in the drivers seat for your future.


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**Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.

**”My experience of hypnotherapy with Roland was very successful. My feelings of anxiety and depression were greatly eased, I am feeling more self esteem and confidence. People around me have commented that I seem much happier. Roland was patient and kind, he genuinely loves to help people.

Patricia Williamson.

**Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.

**”My experience of hypnotherapy with Roland was very successful. My feelings of anxiety and depression were greatly eased, I am feeling more self esteem and confidence. People around me have commented that I seem much happier. Roland was patient and kind, he genuinely loves to help people.

Patricia Williamson.

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About Us

Roland James is a qualified hypnotherapist.  His wide range of life experience , deep empathy and understanding ensures you receive holistic, professional and long lasting results.

Other Treatments

Hynotherapy can treat many different challenges. Contact us to discuss your concerns, even if you do not see your particular concern listed above, and start on your journey to personal power.

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The first task of a hypnotherapist is to explain to the client what hypnosis is and what it isn’t. Unfortunately, the reputation of hypnosis has taken a beating from movie scripts and staged shows. The general perception of hypnosis is that it turns people into clucking chickens or soaring eagles.

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Many sufferers of anxiety find that they have a panic or anxiety attack for no discernible reason at all and these attacks are often accompanied by debilitating physical sensations. This is a common symptom of a generalised anxiety disorder and has been shown to respond exceptionally well to hypnotherapy treatment.

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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be broken down into five diagnostic categories, according to DSM-V: Exposure, Intrusion, Avoidance, Alteration, and Arousal. All of these symptoms combine to cause trauma and ongoing difficulties for sufferers – which is where hypnosis for PTSD can help

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